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    I chewed up all your sneakers, now you never have to leave me again.

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    Alejandro Ferrer Acosta. La Tatuajería. Barcelona


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    Explosions by fashion photographer Nick Knight. At first you think you’re looking at abstract flower paintings, but then you realize, he’s actually capturing eruptions precisely in the middle of the destructive process! Brilliant. 

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    John Virtue (b.1947, UK)

    John Virtue is an English artist who specialises in monochrome landscapes, trained at the Slade School of Fine Art. He moved to Green Haworth in 1971, painting landscapes for two years before abandoning painting in favour of pen and ink drawings comprising dense networks of lines akin to the work of Samuel Palmer. From 1978 he worked as a postman, giving this up in 1985 to work as a full-time artist.

    Maintaining a studio in Exeter, he produced works around the Exe estuary, before being offered the post of Associate Artist at the National Gallery from 2003 to 2005. This scheme engages contemporary artists to produce work that “connects to the National Gallery Collection” and demonstrates “the continuing inspiration of the Old Master tradition”.  He is honorary Professor of Fine Art at the University of Plymouth.

    [more John Virtue | artist found at 5582db]

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    HELMO - a creative collective made up of Thomas Couderc and Clement Vauchez

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    Pictures don’t get much prettier than these macro butterfly photos by Eleonora Di Primo 

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    Jessica Stewart

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